Saturday, 31 August 2013


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Friday, 30 August 2013

One Year, One Girl, One Big, Fat Question Mark..

This weekend marks the beginning of my Gap Year! Next year is when life begins (figuratively speaking of course) and I go off to University and get out of this small town. But for now the only plans I have is work... work, work, and more work. Making money will be awesome, especially with my lovely shopping addiction I have acquired over the past few years... oops.. but this blog I'm hoping will give me something to do. Maybe I'll share my GRAND adventures or equally as exciting shopping hauls or maybe this will be just somewhere to share the craziness that seems to be taking over my mind. Whatever this turns into, maybe even nothing at all and this will be my only post, it will be about me.

Speaking of me maybe I should start off with giving a few tid bits of information about me. 
  1. My name is Alexandra but I go by Allie 
  2. My nickname is Alison which confuses people all the time..
  3. I'm currently 17 but turning 18 in December
  4. I have 3 cats (Demon, Skittles, and Jazz)
  5. I have a mild shopping addiction as stated above..once again..oops
  6. I have 3 awesome best friends whom I have been close to since grade 5 
  7. I have a younger brother named Kurtis
  8. I live in a town of about 6000 which has nothing to do 
  9. I love to travel and hope to be doing some travelling throughout this year
  10. My bedroom is Paris themed 
  11. I've seen Enrique Iglesias in concert...twice
  12. MAJOR next day due don't start writing until 2am kind of procrastination
  13. I'm a bit of a weirdo but hey normal is boring!
  14. I think running has no use unless you are running away from something (Yet I just started running so kind of contradicting myself but oh well)
  15.  I have a thing for elephants 

So that's all I'm going to say right now but I am sure there will be more lists as lists are my best friend..same with food... I also get distracted quite easily.....squirrel <_< .... not that bad...usually.

But goes nothing!