Friday, 6 December 2013

Shopping for the Perfect Gift - Blogmas Day 5

So you got a new boyfriend and you have no idea what to get, you can always get a gift card from Mark's Work Warehouse but where's the thought that we all like to know was put in when we receive a gift? When you are finding it difficult to find someone the perfect gift, get a combination of 3 small gifts; one serious, one a joke, and the last homemade. This way the thought is there and all the pressure isn't all on one. If you are a last minute person such as my self, stick to just the first two and put the effort into writing a genuine Christmas card.

Or go completely away from the material gifts and spend the money on something you both can do together. Spend the weekend at a B&B, go to a concert you will both enjoy, there are endless possibilities and I'm sure in the end it won't matter what you got the person because it truly is the thought that counts...A little cheesy maybe? But you know I'm right.

Merry Blogmas and Happy Shopping!


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