Monday, 9 December 2013

Winter Activities! - Blogmas Day 6

Yes, it is late again....Forgive me, please! I was dealing with the annoying Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC) that I'm sure some of you have had the unfortunate ability to experience such a confusing thing when you are no longer a high school student...such a money grab, why does it need to cost so much! Okay okay enough ranting and back to the point...December isn't all about Christmas, especially not for me as the first 8 days are me trying (almost always successfully) to convince my parents not to decorate the house until after my birthday, which was Sunday, and today (Monday) we got the tree and it looks like Christmas exploded on our main level. So to ignore Christmas I occupy myself with a few winter activities! Some requiring snow, some not, so for those that don't get snow or don't have snow yet there's something here for you too!

To begin, I would just like to remind you that I am not a fan of's cold, it's wet, it's a pain to clean your car off before driving (carefully) extra slow, and it makes my hair frizzy and my skin dry....we just don't get my favourite thing to do in the winter (as stated in a previous post) is reading and drinking hot chocolate by a's so cozy and's just great! And although I don't like it I try not to always stay hidden inside and there are plenty of fun activities that you can't do in the summer! For example....

Hot Air Ballooning...

Because who doesn't want to be at a higher altitude when it's -20? Crazy people obviously! In all seriousness it is probably really pretty....but still!

Or eating a whole pizza..(winter picnic)

Pack on those pounds to help keep you warm and to train for all of those big Christmas dinners when you eat way too much apple pie or cherry cheesecake!'s cold out there people!

Merry Blogmas!


(I do actually like skiing, tubing, and tobogganing...but shhh it will be our little secret...)

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